Renewable Energy

In the 21st Century, energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar are making up an ever increasing share of our overall energy mix. These technologies come with a unique set of challenges and proper evaluation and structuring of renewable energy projects is critical to ensuring their long-term success and viability. Our strategic location on the wind-swept plains of Wyoming had provided an opportunity to work with state governments to address these challenges from the very beginning. Kinney Law Office understands both the unique sets of issues and benefits for landowners, private companies and utilities that come from development of renewable energy projects.

Climate change and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions has steadily increased the demand for carbon-free energy sources. Energy from wind, solar, water and a variety of other sources has grown as governments have developed policies to mandate lower carbon emissions and provided subsidies to renewable energy sources to encourage their integration into national generation fleets. The underlying desire to reduce carbon emissions and move energy generation towards more sustainable sources is reflected in government policies, agreements and decisions around the world. However, the rapid deployment of renewable technologies and increasing their share of the overall generation mix must be handled correctly and with a comprehensive view toward increasing the reliability of the electrical grid while maintaining affordable energy prices for consumers. Proper transaction documentation, financial modeling tools and a firm understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the different energy sources are the keys to the successful execution of these projects. Kinney Law Office is able to help governments, regulators, utilities and project developers navigate the extraordinarily complex legal and regulatory environment surrounding these projects.

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  • Policy Development, Resource Planning and Generation System Planning
    • National Electricity Policy Development
    • Generation System Planning and Optimization
    • Transmission Line Planning
    • Interconnection Agreements
    • International Grid and Utility Operations / Cross-Border Electricity Trade
    • Integrated Resource Plan Development
  • Transaction Structuring and Development
    • Development of Terms and Conditions for Key Contracts and Credit Support Agreements for the Project
      • Concession Agreements
      • Licenses, Permissions and Authorizations
      • Offtake and Supply Contracts and Agreements (Power Purchase Agreements, Interconnection Agreements, etc.)
      • Essential Leases and Property Acquisitions
      • Construction Contracts
      • Operating and Maintenance Agreements
      • Financing Documents and Financial Support Arrangements
      • Guarantees and Credit Support Agreements
      • Insurance Agreements
  • Legal Due Diligence
    • Laws and Regulations Relating to Inward Investment
    • Laws, Regulations and Regulatory Agencies Governing the Sector
    • Tax Laws and Regulations
    • Laws and Regulations Relating to Foreign Exchange
    • Security Over Project Assets (Financial and Physical Security)
    • Quality and Independence of the Host Country Judicial System
    • Dispute Resolution Issues (such as availability of arbitration, laws and treaties affecting arbitration, local enforcement of arbitral awards)
    • Analysis of Project Concession Agreements and Contracts
    • Bankability Analysis for Project
      • Contractual Relationships Supporting the Revenue Stream
      • Consistency of Clauses in Various Contracts
  • Review of Procurement Laws, Regulations and Policies
  • Review of Loan Documentation, Inter-Creditor and Security Agreements


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