Planning your estate and protecting your assets goes beyond simply having legal documents. It involves a thorough strategy to ensure your children’s well-being, no matter what might happen in the future. More than safeguarding your belongings, a carefully crafted estate plan creates a lasting legacy for your family. At Kinney Law Office, we’re not only about giving you the necessary legal papers – we empower you to live life to the fullest.

Our firm is committed to guiding you through a process that secures your loved ones and helps your family build and maintain real wealth. As you embark on different adventures, your estate plan should reflect the dynamism of your life, adapting and growing with each change. Our proven system ensures that your vision for your family and future seamlessly aligns with reality. Importantly, we work collaboratively with you to preserve the stories, values, and experiences you want to pass on to future generations.

If you’re one of the 67 percent of Americans without a will or other estate planning documents, take the first step by using the link below to schedule a consultation with our office today. We’ll address your questions and assist you in creating a plan that secures both your family and your wealth for the future.

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Kinney Law Office offers comprehensive and compassionate estate and trust administration services to the personal representatives, trustees, beneficiaries, and other interested parties in an estate. The loss of a loved one is always difficult. Dealing with the final administration of that loved one’s estate does not have to be. Our attorneys use their compassion, skill and the latest technology to offer you an unparalleled experience in managing the final affairs of your loved one. As a full service estate planning firm, we take pride in building customized estate plans that meet our clients’ goals and objectives – and then helping you to carry out those final instructions as your loved one would have desired. We will handle the legal and final affairs of your loved one’s estate so you can focus on celebrating what was really important – their life and legacy.

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Estate planning is an important step for individuals and familes to protect their loved ones and the wealth they have worked so hard to build. Kinney Law Office is able to help prepare wills, trusts and other estate planning documents that can support your family in their time of need. Proper estate and wealth planning is very important for mineral owners, business owners and others that want to protect their assets and provide for their spouse, children and other family members. These documents will help your family with important decisions after you are gone and relieve them of the financial and emotional burden of having to make these decisions during a difficult time.

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The ownership and management of mineral rights can be a complex process. While there are companies that make a business out of buying and selling mineral rights, many mineral right owners acquire their interest as a result of a real estate transaction or an inheritance from a relative. The mineral right gives the owner the ability to explore for, develop and produce any minerals that may exist on the property. In the oil and gas industry, the mineral owner frequently signs an oil and gas lease with a company specializing in the exploration and production of oil and gas. Kinney Law Office can help mineral owners develop a strategy to use their mineral rights to achieve their personal and financial goals. We believe that every mineral owner should benefit from the development of their resources in a way that protects their interests. Contact our office today to find out how we can help you!

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Why Kinney Law Office?

Working with Kinney Law Office is different from the traditional law firm experience. We work to inform and empower our you with the legal strategies you need to solve problems. Together, we can develop solutions that meet your goals and objectives. Estate planning and asset protection are critically important to protect your family and the wealth you spent a lifetime building. Our experience, use of value-adding technology and unique capabilities will make your work with our firm unlike any other.

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Technology Systems and Capabilities

Kinney Law Office uses the latest technology systems and capabilities to provide you with a better overall experience and allows us to be more responsive and efficient. Our use of advanced techology and automation means we can keep the focus on resolving your legal matter or preparing your estate plan.

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Our information center contains our weekly updates, helpful videos, monthly articles and quarterly papers on topics of interest in asset protection, estate planning strategies, and other interesting content. Please take a moment and subscribe to receive timely analysis and information directly to your email inbox!

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Getting Your Estate Plan Done is Easier than You Think

Our estate planning process begins with a free Estate Strategy Session Consultation. The consultation will answer your questions and qualify you for our complementary Estate Strategy Session. Before the Session, you will complete an online, guided interview that will help you collect the information we need. We make the process fast, easy and secure.

During the Session, your attorney will guide you through what would happen to the people you love and your wealth should anything happen to you. Then we will create a plan together to make sure everything goes the way you want. You can control your future and do things today that will help your family during one of their most emotional and difficult moments. They will always know how much you cared about them and will be relieved of many of the difficult choices they would have otherwise been forced to make.

At Kinney Law Office, we see the signing of your estate planning documents as just the beginning of our relationship with your family. As your situation changes, your estate plan should change too. Call or click to see if you qualify for a complementary Estate Strategy Session today!

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