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The mission of my firm is to provide excellent legal representation and consulting services to our clients.  Your experience with my firm will be engaging, pleasant and give you the confidence to move forward with your energy project.  My firm will always provide an honest assessment of your situation and give you the information you need to make a decision.  I take the trust that you put in my firm as an honor and a privilege.  

Kinney Law Office is your firm of choice for handling oil, gas and other energy legal and policy matters in the Rocky Mountain West and around the world.  From petroleum policy and regulation to fiscal analysis and contract negotiation strategies, we offer an unparalleled range of legal and policy solutions.  Call today to find out how our portfolio of services and specialized expertise can give you the advantage in any situation. 

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Why Kinney Law Office?

Working with Kinney Law Office is different from the traditional law firm experience. We work to inform and empower our clients with the legal strategies they need to solve problems. Together, we can develop solutions that meet client goals and objectives. Whether that is planning an energy project, improving policy and regulation, or conducting financial analysis – our firm is here to help you. Our experience, use of value-adding technology and unique capabilities will make your work with our firm unlike any other.

About Benjamin Kinney

Technology Systems and Capabilities

Kinney Law Office uses the latest technology systems and capabilities to provide you with a strategic advantage in contract negotiations, policy analysis, and other situations. Our financial modeling and analysis can give you data-driven insights and solutions that can make a big difference in your projects and decisions.

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Information Center

Our information center contains our weekly updates, helpful videos, monthly articles and quarterly papers on topics of interest in energy law and policy, estate planning strategies, and other interesting content. Please take a moment and subscribe to receive timely analysis and information directly to your email inbox!

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International Energy Industry Capabilities

Kinney Law Office is founded on a singular commitment to excellence in developing solutions for our clients.  Legal issues are always mixed with financial, business, political and cultural factors.  Understanding these factors and the context of the situation often makes the difference between success and failure.  Our ability to use this broader view of the legal challenge is what sets us apart and makes us a unique firm.  We offer a range of capabilities to our energy sector clients that identify and resolve legal and other issues that can sink a project - saving money and moving the project forward. 

We work in many countries around the world at various stages of development and bring that experience to every project we take on.  From petroleum laws and regulations to electricity transactions to risk analysis and mitigation, our lawyers and consultants understand the unique challenges that come with working in the international energy business.  We are the firm to call when you have a challenging project that needs focused attention from a team that believes in your project as much as you do.

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