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The mission of my firm is to provide excellent legal representation and consulting services to our clients.  Your experience with my firm will be engaging, pleasant and give you the confidence to resolve your legal matter.  My firm will always provide an honest assessment of your situation and give you the information you need to make a decision.  I take the trust that you put in my firm as an honor and a privilege.  

Kinney Law Office is your firm of choice for handling energy and estate planning matters in the Rocky Mountain West. From estate planning needs such as wills or trusts to oil and gas and energy matters, we offer an unparalleled range of legal and consulting solutions. Call today to find out how our portfolio of services and specialized expertise can give you the advantage in any situation. 

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In today’s global environment, you need consultants with extensive industry knowledge and unique skills to support energy projects in countries around the world. Kinney Law Office has a strong international energy consulting practice that supports host governments, private companies and others around the world involved in energy and natural resource projects. We have worked in many countries to design legal, regulatory, policy and financial solutions that incorporate leading practices from around the world with local traditions and values. By working together, we can create optimal energy and natural resources systems that respect local culture, encourage citizen participation and support innovation and investment.

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Estate planning is an important step for individuals and familes to protect their loved ones and the wealth they have worked so hard to build. Kinney Law Office is able to help prepare wills, trusts and other estate planning documents that can support your family in their time of need. Proper estate and wealth planning is very important for mineral owners, business owners and others that want to protect their assets and provide for their spouse, children and other family members. These documents will help your family with important decisions after you are gone and relieve them of the financial and emotional burden of having to make these decisions during a difficult time.

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The ownership and management of mineral rights can be a complex process. While there are companies that make a business out of buying and selling mineral rights, many mineral right owners acquire their interest as a result of a real estate transaction or an inheritance from a relative. The mineral right gives the owner the ability to explore for, develop and produce any minerals that may exist on the property. In the oil and gas industry, the mineral owner frequently signs an oil and gas lease with a company specializing in the exploration and production of oil and gas. Kinney Law Office can help mineral owners develop a strategy to use their mineral rights to achieve their personal and financial goals. We believe that every mineral owner should benefit from the development of their resources in a way that protects their interests. Contact our office today to find out how we can help you!

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Oil and gas operations are some of the most capital intensive projects in the world. In this field, understanding the law alone is not enough. Clients need lawyers that understand the broad range of issues that are unique to exploration, development and extraction of petroleum. Kinney Law Office has years of experience in supporting clients with oil and gas projects. From production sharing contracts to gas transportation agreements to leases and mineral transfers, our unique knowledge of the field and application of technology solutions such as economic modeling and document automation can make the difference in successfully negotiating and structuring these projects.

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In the 21st Century, energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar are making up an ever increasing share of our overall energy mix. These technologies come with a unique set of challenges and proper evaluation and structuring of renewable energy projects is critical to ensuring their long-term success and viability. Our strategic location on the wind-swept plains of Wyoming had provided an opportunity to work with state governments to address these challenges from the very beginning. Kinney Law Office understands both the unique sets of issues and benefits for landowners, private companies and utilities that come from development of renewable energy projects.

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Why Kinney Law Office?

Working with Kinney Law Office is different from the traditional law firm experience. We work to inform and empower our clients with the legal strategies they need to solve problems. Together, we can develop solutions that meet client goals and objectives. Whether that is planning your next energy project or planning to take care of your family for the future, our firm is here to help you. Our experience, use of value-adding technology and unique capabilities will make your work with our firm unlike any other.

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Kids Protection Plan. Click here to name legal guardians for your children. This planning document will help ensure that your kids are always in the care of people you know and trust, especially in an emergency.

Personal Resource Map. Click here to access the personal resource map. This planning document will help you create an inventory of what matters to you for the people you love.

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Our information center contains our weekly updates, helpful videos, monthly articles and quarterly papers on topics of interest in energy law and policy, estate planning strategies, and other interesting content. Please take a moment and subscribe to receive timely analysis and information directly to your email inbox!

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