Oil and Gas Transactions

Kinney Law Office provides specialized expertise in oil and gas transactions around the world. Oil and gas operations are some of the most capital intensive projects in the world. In this field, understanding the law alone is not enough. Our clients need lawyers that understand the broad range of issues that are unique to exploration, development and extraction of petroleum. Kinney Law Office has years of experience in supporting clients with oil and gas projects. From production sharing contracts to gas transportation agreements to leases and mineral transfers, our unique knowledge of the field and application of technology solutions such as economic modeling and document automation can make the difference in successfully negotiating and structuring these projects.

The issues surrounding oil and gas development can be some of the most complex and interesting transactions in the business world. Few other industries involve the science, technology and financial impact of a petroleum project. Providing effective legal advice on petroleum projects requires detailed understanding of the science and economics of the petroleum development cycle in addition to the legal and regulatory atmosphere that affects these projects. Kinney Law Office has the experience and background to handle many types of petroleum transactions, both in the United States and around the world.

We can help corporate and government clients with projects of nearly any size and scale. Whether you are working on building an acreage position in the Rockies, negotiating a production sharing contract in Asia or developing a petroleum policy, you can count on our attorneys to deliver powerful results. Our firm has many of the same capabilities that you would expect to find at larger law firms, without the “Big Law” price tag. We can also provide some skills and capabilties, such as a familiarity with financial models and metrics, that you will not find at larger law firms. Our expertise in the domestic and international petroleum industry means we can serve as a trusted outside counsel for your company or agency. Our attorneys can provide critical strategic advice to advance petroleum projects and work through challenges to help you realize the billions of dollars in value that a project can create.

The following is a brief list of some of the services that we offer:

  • Administrative and Regulatory Issues Related to Petroleum Development (ex. well spacing rules, water disposal, etc.)
  • Advisory Support on Project Development (domestically and internationally)
  • Asset Purchase and Sales Agreements
  • Advisory and Negotiation Support for:shutterstock 650549077
    • Exploration agreements
    • Lease agreements
    • Joint operating agreements
    • Farm-out / Farm-in agreements
    • Unitization and pooling agreements
  • Litigation of petroleum rights, royalties and related matters
  • Production Sharing Contracts/Agreements
  • Gas Supply and Purchase Agreements
  • Gas Processing Agreements
  • Petroleum Transmission Projects and Agreements
  • Service Contracts and Agreements
  • Host Government Negotiation Support for Petroleum Projects
  • Private Party Negotiation Support for Petroleum Projects
  • Petroleum Taxation, Royalties and Other Financial Matters


International Energy Industry Capabilities

Kinney Law Office is founded on a singular commitment to excellence in developing solutions for our clients.  Legal issues are always mixed with financial, business, political and cultural factors.  Understanding these factors and the context of the situation often makes the difference between success and failure.  Our ability to use this broader view of the legal challenge is what sets us apart and makes us a unique firm.  We offer a range of capabilities to our energy sector clients that identify and resolve legal and other issues that can sink a project - saving money and moving the project forward. 

We work in many countries around the world at various stages of development and bring that experience to every project we take on.  From petroleum laws and regulations to electricity transactions to risk analysis and mitigation, our lawyers and consultants understand the unique challenges that come with working in the international energy business.  We are the firm to call when you have a challenging project that needs focused attention from a team that believes in your project as much as you do.

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