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Estate planning is an important step for individuals and familes to protect their loved ones and the wealth they have worked so hard to build. Kinney Law Office is able to help prepare wills, trusts and other estate planning documents that can support your family in their time of need. Proper estate and wealth planning is very important for mineral owners, business owners and others that want to protect their assets and provide for their spouse, children and other family members. These documents will help your family with important decisions after you are gone and relieve them of the financial and emotional burden of having to make these decisions during a difficult time.

Kinney Law Office has launched an estate planning service to help individuals and familes prepare estate plans that protect their legacy and provide for the loved ones both now and in the future. Our goal is to create estate plans that work today and are revisited on a regular basis to ensure that homes, mineral rights and business assets are properly incorporated into the estate plan. Life events like marriages, a home purchase and starting a family also change your estate planning needs. If you have minor children, take advantage of our free service to nominate guardians for your minor children using our Kids Protection Plan Planning Tool. The Kids Protection Plan helps to ensure that your minor children are always in the care of people you know and trust, especially in stressful and difficult times. We offer a range of options to help our clients maintain their estate plans and ensure that the plan is always ready to support their loved ones – no matter what the circumstances.

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Our services go beyond just the preparation of documents. Our work with you starts with a Family Wealth Planning Session to discuss what happens to your assets now, your goals and needs and how best to design an estate plan that ensures everything happens the way you want. After we have these important discussions with you, we will prepare the documents needed to make the plan work. But the documents are only part of your estate plan, we will also help you to properly title real property, change accounts and beneficiaries and do the other work that is essential in making sure your plan works when it needs to. Even after we have finalized the documents and everything is in place, we will continue to follow up with you every three years (or annually if you join one of our membership programs) to make sure everything still works and identify whether changes are needed for the plan.

Our office is also able to leverage our extensive experience in mineral rights and property transactions to help other parties such as trustees, executors and estate representatives sort out posthumous estate plan problems and administration. Being designated as the most responsible of the family members can come with its own challenges, especially when a deceased loved one did not maintain proper documentation relating to a trust or other estate planning asset. Under certain circumstances, trustees can be held personally liable for errors in administration of a trust – even if they did not set up the trust. Don’t let this happen to you. We can help resolve these issues and keep you (and your loved ones) out of court and out of trouble.

Contact our office today to find out how we can help you prepare your estate and protect your family and legacy.

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