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When it comes to estate planning, ensuring the financial security and well-being of your minor children is a top priority. One of the most effective tools for achieving this is […]

Choosing an executor for your will is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the estate planning process. The executor, also known as a personal representative, is responsible […]

As a small business owner, you dedicate countless hours to building and growing your enterprise. Amidst the hustle, it’s easy to overlook the importance of a solid estate plan. One […]

Understanding the Significance of May 2nd Every year on May 2nd, we observe National Life Insurance Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about the importance and benefits of life […]

Estate planning is a crucial step in managing your assets and ensuring your family’s future is secure, but the process can be complex, especially when deciding between a trust and […]

We are thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between Kinney Law Office, a leading authority in mineral rights and estate planning law, and Energy Law Academy, a premier e-learning platform […]

Support for Pollinator Palooza – Butterfly Pavilion Kinney Law Office is excited to support the Butterfly Pavilion and their Pollinator Palooza fundraising effort this June. Our office will be collecting […]

Building for the Future

Coronavirus has changed how we work, how we educate our kids, how we socialize with friends and nearly every other aspect of our lives. For the many small businesses and […]

I recently had the pleasure of joining the Mineral Rights Podcast, hosted by Matt Sands, to discuss how important proper estate planning is for mineral owners. If you are a […]

Coronavirus Update

The coronavirus outbreak is forcing all of us to make some changes in our daily lives and how we do business. During this time, I want to reassure you that […]

Getting Your Estate Plan Done is Easier than You Think

Our estate planning process begins with a free Estate Strategy Session Consultation. The consultation will answer your questions and qualify you for our complementary Estate Strategy Session. Before the Session, you will complete an online, guided interview that will help you collect the information we need. We make the process fast, easy and secure.

During the Session, your attorney will guide you through what would happen to the people you love and your wealth should anything happen to you. Then we will create a plan together to make sure everything goes the way you want. You can control your future and do things today that will help your family during one of their most emotional and difficult moments. They will always know how much you cared about them and will be relieved of many of the difficult choices they would have otherwise been forced to make.

At Kinney Law Office, we see the signing of your estate planning documents as just the beginning of our relationship with your family. As your situation changes, your estate plan should change too. Call or click to see if you qualify for a complementary Estate Strategy Session today!

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